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On this page you will find previously made styles of bags. As Simply Fi designer bags are each handmade with personal requests in mind, they all slightly different in size, shape, fabric or trimmings.

If you would like to request your own bag based on one of these styles, please contact us and mention the style's name as a reference.

Please note, not all fabrics seen here are still available as they are purchased in small amounts.

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Coin Purses & Small Bags



This bright and fun bag is perfect for any occasion and age. With polyester outer, acetate lining and finished with organza ribbons and decorative ric rac, this bag is certain to brighten your day. It has 2 good-sized pockets inside to place your phone, keys or any other essentials. The bag closes securely with a button and loop.

Bag measurements:

-Top width 22.5cm, base width 26cm, height 17cm, depth 4cm at widest point

-Back pocket measures 12cm high and 9 cm wide while front pocket measures 10cm high and 14cm wide

-Handle measures 98cm



This cute cosmetic bag was made as a specific order from one of my clients. With a particular need and after browsing the range of bags I have made before, we came up with this colour scheme, design and size.

Bag measurements: (approximate)

Top width 19cm, base width 21.5cm, height 14cm and depth 4.5cm at widest point.

Pocket measures 10.5cm high and 15cm wide.



This is a unique pouch bag, lovingly made from mauve panne velvet and finished with satin crepe flowers and ribbon. It is perfect for using on a special occasion including a wedding or ball. With its drawstring handles, mauve lining and flat base, it stands nicely on its own.

Bag measurements:

-Top opens with a diameter of 17cm.

-When in use, the bag measures to approximately 17cm high, 17cm wide and 13cm deep.

-Base measures as an 11cm square.

-When closed, each handle measures as an approximate 46cm loop.



This is a new style of bag is a convenient size and stands on its own.  With detachable wrist strap it is perfect as a small handbag, make-up bag or sewing kit bag. 

Bag measurements:

-Top width 22cm, height 18cm, depth 5cm

-Pockets (2 open) 12cm high and 10cm wide

-Detachable strap 19cm

Envy -Small


This little bag can be used in a number of situations and is perfect for holding your must haves. Small and stylish, this bag closes with secure magnetic clasps.

Bag measurements:

-Width 16.5cm, height 12cm and lies flat

Envy - Large


This bag is slightly larger than the others of similar style, however can be used in similar ways e.g. going tout for a meal, a special event, night out or to match your outfit at the races. Perfect for holding your essentials (phone, cards, lipstick, tissues etc) and closes securely with a magnetic clasp. 

Bag measurements:

-Width 24.5cm, height 14.5cm

-Small pocket (open) 6.5cm high and 11cm wide

-Large pocket (open) 9cm high and 16cm wide



This fun over the shoulder bag is made from stain and water resistant polyester canvas. With an adjustable and removable strap it can be worn or used in many different ways. Perfect for your day out it will be a cute and durable addition to your outfit.

Bag measurements:

-Width 13cm, height 19.5cm (zip closure)

-Removable strap, adjustable up to 139cm



This faux leather clutch bag with leather flowers is an ideal addition to your wedding, races or formal event outfit. With detachable silver chain, strong magnetic clasp and zipped pocket it secures and conceals your personal items while being adaptable to your purpose.

Bag  measurements:

- Width 24.5cm, height 13cm, depth 2cm

- 1 pocket 18cm wide x 9.5cm high (zip closure)

- Detachable silver chain (118cm)



This elegant pouch bag would be ideal for an evening out or a special event. Made of sateen, with a luxurious Indian silk front pocket and lined with black polyester. It has a black and gold button and silk loop closure to secure your contents. For added convenience, this bag has a small pocket inside suitable for a phone or keys. This clever little bag folds flat for easy storage or when packing for a trip away.

Bag measurements:

-When in use, top and base widths 10.5cm (can open to 21cm), height approximately 20cm, depth 15cm at widest point.

-Each handle measures 50cm.

-Front pocket is approximately 12cm high.

Louise 1,2,3


This sophisticated bag will suit an evening out or a formal event. Carefully made from black polyester, patterned polyester viscose with an acetate lining, it is finished with a decorative pearlised button and silver trim.

Louise 1 has a faux pintucked upper, divided with 4cm black fringe and black velvet ribbon

Louise 2 has a long cord handle and one large pocket secured with Velcro inside.

Louise 3 was made to order based on the Louise 2 style. It was made slightly larger, the material colours have been changed, it has a material strap and closes with a zip and button-loop.

Bag measurements: (approximate)

-Top width 19cm, base width 21.5cm, height 14cm and depth 4.5cm at widest point

-Pocket measures 10.5cm high and 15cm wide

-Cord handle measures 129cm



This handy wrist bag would suit anyone wishing to only carry the bare essentials on a night out or party. It’s convenient strap slips around the wrist and the bag zips securely lengthways. Made from red floral oriental brocade with an acetate lining; this bag also contains a small pocket.

Bag measurements:

-13cm high and 21.5cm wide at the widest point

-Pocket measures 8cm high and 11cm wide

-Zip opens to 18cm

-Permanent wrist strap measures as a 36cm loop

Medium Bags



This is a sleek satchel bag that will go with just about any outfit. The flap is of a flower shape and closes with a magnetic clasp. For added security, this bag also closes with a zip. With 2 inside pockets, and an adjustable strap it is perfect for day or night. 

Bag measurements:

-Width 20cm, height 19cm, depth 6cm

-Small pockets (2 open) 11cm high and 10 cm wide

-Large pocket (zip) 13cm high and 14cm wide

- Adjustable strap up to 135cm



Pleated onto an antique gold clip handle, this blue and fawn floral linen handbag could be perfect for any event. It has a red and black-shot silk dupion lining with two pockets inserted for your convenience.

Bag measurements:

-Top width 18cm, height (including handle) 29cm, width 33cm, depth 9cm.

-Back pocket measures 12cm high and 9cm wide while front pocket measures 12cm high and 14cm wide.



Gathered onto a silver dome clip handle, this pale blue faux silk handbag could be perfect for the races or similar event. It has a beautiful outer sheen and a white flower print on the front. Its silk dupion lining is mint green and there have been two pockets inserted for your convenience.

Bag measurements:

-Top width 18cm, height (including handle) 25cm, width 23cm, depth 7cm.

-Small pocket (open)11cm high and 9cm wide 

-Large pocket (open) 11cm high and 14cm wide. 

Fleur 3


This gorgeous over-the-shoulder bag was requested by a client who visited our stall at the Queenscliff Community Market. Beautifully made with stylish materials, it has two large pockets inside. Closing with two magnetic clasps and is finished with a gorgeous gold button and loop.

Bag measurements:

-Width 29cm, height 20.5cm and depth 6cm.

-Smaller pocket measures 12cm high and 10cm wide while larger pocket measures 12cm high and 14.5cm wide.

-Shoulder strap measures 70cm.

Katie - Medium


This bag is elegant enough to be used during a special occasion but would also go beautifully with a more casual outfit. It is of a convenient size, large enough to fit all your usual "handbag essentials" yet small enough to not become bulky. The entire bag closes nicely and securely with 2 strong magnets or a zip.

Bag measurements:

 -Width 43cm, height 27cm, depth 12cm

 -Pockets (2 open, 1 zip, 1 velcro) 15 cm high and 16 cm wide

-Straps 67cm each

Maggie 2


This gorgeous patterned bag could be used to jazz-up any outfit. With a gold embossed silk base, it is topped with a contrasting scalloped front flap and a straight flap at the back. With matching gold rings, the handles are made as shoulder length. For extra security, it has two magnetic closures and two good-sized pockets for your convenience.

Bag measurements:

-Top width 24cm, base width 18cm, height 19.5cm and depth 7cm

-Back pocket 12cm high and 10cm wide,  front pocket measures 11cm high and 14cm wide

-Each handle measures 45cm



This leather satchel bag was designed to feature the horse tapestry as the flap. It is a very sturdy bag that closes with a magnetic stud. With a plaited belt as the strap it is adjustable to any length to be able to be worn in any way.

Bag measurements:

-Width 22cm, height 22cm, depth 4.5cm

- Adjustable strap

Evening & Special Occasion Bags

Gabrielle - white


This beautiful white satin bag has been made to match the dress for a gorgeous lady's Wedding Day. The design (slightly smaller than "Gabrielle" due the special request) includes decorative pleating at the top and is embellished with sequins and beads to support the bride's dress design. With a short strap, it is suitable to slip around the wrist and, to provide extra security, closes with a magnetic clasp.

Bag measurements:

-Width 28cm and at its highest point is 20.5cm.

-Serviceable height 14.5cm.

-Pocket measures 11cm high and 9cm wide.

-Shoulder strap 113cm in length.



This stylish bag has been made as a special request and designed for the outfit of the Mother of the Bride. Using sateen this bag is made with a front flap which is finished with an antique button and double georgette frill. Big enough to fit the essentials during a special occasion, this bag includes 2 pockets and a long strap for a convenient wear.

Bag measurements:

-Height 17cm, width 25cm, depth 4cm

-Strap 100cm



This is a beautiful débutante or bridal bag made from embroidered cotton, that can hold your phone and all your other essentials.

Bag measurements:

-Serviceable height 11cm

-Top opens to 25cm

-Base diameter 20cm

-Strings pull to a height of 33cm

Tote & Large Bags



This quality bag is made of Robert Allen American cotton with an English print. It has a tartan contrast, embellished with a patterned cord and matching looped button. Lined with natural cotton, it includes eight convenient pockets and two sturdy straps of contrasting fabrics. This beautiful bag has endless uses and is able to stand on its own.

Bag measurements:

-Height 33cm, width 34cm, depth 11cm

-6 varying sized pockets inside (open)

-Each handle 40cm



This satchel bag is made from Japanese linen and was designed as a request from a client as an everyday bag. Padded for extra comfort, this bag has 2 pockets inside and a full-length divider to easily separate work from personal items. It closes with a magnetic clasp and has an adjustable strap so it can be worn over the shoulder or across the body.

Bag measurements:

-Height ?cm, width ?cm, depth ?cm

-2 inside pockets and a full-length divider

-Adjustable strap

Juliette - Black


This stylish bag is made from a soft durable canvas material and is finished with a large bow at the front. When you open the zip, you will find a spacious bag with 3 pockets (the largest secures with a zip closure). It has two shoulder straps connected to the bag with silver rings. Perfect for an evening out or every day use.

 Bag measurements:

-Top width 31cm, height 30cm and depth 10cm.

-Medium pockets (2 open)14cm high and 12cm wide

-Large pocket (zip) 15cm high and 21cm wide

-Each handle 72cm.

Katie - large


This gorgeous and sturdy tote bag has been made from a selection of materials and has 2 large internal pockets and 6 medium-sized external pockets. It is sure to make a statement as you carry it to the pool, beach, work, shops or party.

Bag measurements:

-Height 36cm, base width 34cm, top width 44cm, depth 10cm

-4 large pockets inside (open)

-6 large pockets outside (open)

-Each handle 80cm



This beautifully designed bag was a special request from a client.

Using family tartan as the decorative feature and focus for the design, it is perfect for important outings or everyday use. With hidden pockets on the outside topped with woven braids, it stands out from the crowd.

Bag measurements:

-Width (at base 34cm, at top 44cm), height 36cm, depth 10cm

-6 large outside pockets (open)

-4 large inside pockets (2 open, 1 zip closure, 1 velcro closure)

-Each handle 90cm



These bags are perfect for everyday use, carrying books to work, changes of clothes from the gym, pool or beach, a nappy bag for on a picnic or for when you have to duck down to the shops. They have been made using bright and fresh coloured material and have two long and strong shoulder straps for easy carrying. Depending on client request, these bags can securely close with a long zip, and all contain multiple pockets to hide your essentials.

Bag measurements: (varying depending on client request)

-  Width 46cm, height 38cm, depth 13cm

- Medium pockets(1 open, 1velcro) 14cm  high and 15cm wide

- Large pocket  (velcro ) 14cm high and 29cm high

- Each strap 99cm

Wendy - round end


These weekender bags have been designed for two keen AFL supporters. With waterproof lining, shoulder straps and 5 large internal pockets, they are perfect for carrying your essentials for a weekend away.

Bag measurements:

-Height 25cm, length 50cm, depth 26cm

-Zip opens to 47cm

-Contains 6 internal pockets (1 at each end, 2 each side)

-Each strap 62cm

Wendy - square end


These square-ended weekender bags were made as special requests. Made from polyester canvas, they are strong and durable and have a water-proof lining. Perfect to carry your swimming or sports gear or for a night away.

Bag measurements:

-Height 25cm, length 50cm, depth 26cm

-Zip opens to 47cm

-Contains 6 internal pockets (1 at each end, 2 each side)

-Each handle 62cm